Shanghai Farm Garden Green Engineering Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Farm Garden Green Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in 1998. We focus on the research, development, production and sales of High-tech Greenhouse Climate Screen and Harmonic Insect netting. We have our own office building and factory, located in the modern beautiful and economically developed city of Shanghai, and has a global sales subsidiary in Melbourne, Australia.

Influenced by the culture of famous city, our company is passionate about technological innovation. We have been certified as Shanghai High-tech Enterprise for all these years.

We pursue expertise, precision, and beauty. The company founder is a senior engineer, a technician and saleswoman and has won various awards from Shanghai government. Our sales staffs are all talented with international vision who are graduated from the University of Melbourne. Our production manager are all undergraduates from major universities in China. Everyone has various advantages such as team leadership, quality control and technology innovation who are loved by customers. The value and growth of everyone in the company empowers the company.

Our two series of products: Greenhouse Climate Screen and Harmonic Insect Netting, including nearly 20 sub-products all passed the European Nederlandse Technische Afspraak NTA 8825 (Class1) and DIN 4102-1 (B1) flame retardant tests.

To effectively increase yield and reduce cost,

We have created the most supportive greenhouse environment for each plant by:

Effectively empower plants.

Assist in regulating temperature of the greenhouse and physically prevent insects.